One point of contact for everything

Sisource is an all-in-one supplier within the field of chemical management. This means that all of your services and products come from one and the same place. One single source for products, administration, logistics, delivery, expert knowledge and anything else chemical-related.


Full control

We instil order and organise everything so that you have full control of all processes affecting your chemicals. We also take care of all coordination between, for instance, different departments, so that you can allocate your time and energy elsewhere.

Lower overall costs

We are chemical management experts and have streamlined our processes over the years, built up an extensive network of contacts and found a large number of ways to optimise chemical management at different companies. All this, together with our economies of scale, means that we actually manage to cut overall costs for our customers by 50% in the majority of cases.

Avoid stoppages in production

We guarantee that you will always have the right product volumes on hand, such that you will never need to pause your operations because of shortages.

Expert always at hand

The complexities and ever-changing nature of chemicals legislation pose challenges for many companies, who struggle to keep up-to-date with the current regulatory framework. In these cases, it can be nice to always have an expert on hand. An expert who can also help you to solve different problems and resolve certain situations that may arise in daily operations. With a chemical expert close at hand, you always know where to turn in such cases.

Safer working environment

At present, many harmful substances are used without adequate protective measures being put in place, simply because of a lack of knowledge around handling. We make sure that all the requirements of the regulatory framework are met, thereby creating a safer working environment for your employees.


If you are in a hurry to scale your business up or down, we will ensure that you have just the right resources you need when you need them.

Broader range of products

We have access to around 250 different suppliers and more than 7000 products. Not only does this give us access to all the products that you might conceivably need – we also get to tap the combined expertise of 250 suppliers. We and our suppliers are very happy to impart this knowledge to our customers.

Adjustments to packaging

Nowadays, many products arrive in oversize packaging that is not particularly user-friendly. We re-pack the products to ensure that you get the right size of packaging, so that they are then ready for direct application.

Right quantity – less waste

Re-packing products and delivering just the right quantity means that they do not expire before you use them, i.e. you avoid paying for something that you do not use. You also avoid incurring costs as a result of disposing of expired products.

International markets

We can also help you if you operate on the global market and have operations in other countries. We stay abreast of international laws and have real depth of experience when it comes to working internationally with our customers.

Reduced environmental impact

Using the exact amount that you need not only means that you save money, but also that you reduce environmental impact. If, however, you do accumulate leftover products that need to be disposed of, we take care of this in an environmentally friendly and respect rules in this area.

Order and organisation

Simply put, we ensure that you get order and organisation in every aspect of your chemical management so that your work can be safer, less expensive and more efficient.


Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions.
  • You will find safety data sheets in the customer portal, which you will have access to if you collaborate with us. You can also download safety data sheets via a QR code on each individual product.

  • We can provide general training courses, as well as courses providing more specialised chemical training. One of the general courses we can provide is ‘Hard plastics’, which is intended for all staff. In the latter category, meanwhile, an example of the training we provide would be the ‘Lubricants and Glueing’ course. We can also customise training courses to suit your business.

  • We would visit your business premises and evaluate it using a purpose-specific form to indicate strengths and weaknesses and set out a clear path for the future.

  • The short answer is ‘yes’. By enlisting our services, you will reduce the cost of purchasing resources, MOQ, obsolescences and the risk of fines associated with unresolved working environment risks at your business.

  • Sisource is a completely independent distributor and importer of chemicals. Our aim is to offer our customers the best product for their particular application.

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