environmental commitment resulted in partnership

Environmental issues are always on the agenda for Bombardier, which is dependent on 500 chemicals for production and maintenance services for trains in Sweden. The company has a large environmental organisation with global guidelines, but when it comes to the day-to-day work involving issues relating to chemicals, SisourceĀ® is responsible for providing key expertise. The partnership with Sisource Chemical Management Services started back in 2006.


Four main factors led to sisourceā€™s services being chosen

Bombardier wanted to reduce their stocks of chemicals at their manufactoring sitesĀ across Sweden because theĀ disposal costs for chemicals that had passed their ā€˜best beforeā€™ date were too high, they had a large number of chemical suppliers to manage and they lacked key expertise relating to chemical issues.

ā€œBombardier works with around 500 different chemicals in connection with rail operations. The company has ambitious environmental objectives, and with Sisourceā€™s customer interface,Ā Bombardier is able to continuously monitor the consumption of individual products. For Bombardier, the outsourcing of procurement has saved a considerable amount of resources in terms of time and money. Not having to manage invoices from over 70 different suppliers resulted in a substantial saving. Sisource taking over responsibility for procurement and storage has given us better prices thanks to the companyā€™s bulk purchasing, and weā€™ve been able to reduce our stocks dramatically. Our products are now stored by Sisource, and orders are placed as required. This has also saved a considerable amount of money by no longer having to bother about disposal. Weā€™re very satisfied with the outcome,ā€ says Carl-Gustaf Linde, Lead Buyer at Bombardier.


Bombardier Transportation is a world leader in the rail industry and covers a broad spectrum of rail solutions ranging from whole trains to subsystems, maintenance, system integration and signalling solutions. The company has 36,000 employees and is represented in 26 countries. Over 100,000 railway carriages and locomotives supplied by Bombardier are operated across the world.

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Significantly lower costs for chemicals management

As a part of the ongoing environmental work, Sisourceā€™s Chemical Manager prepares supporting documentation for reports that Bombardier submits to the authorities. Sisourceā€™s involvement from procurement to statistical follow-up means that Bombardier can work on its own key expertise, while Sisource manages the day-to-day issues for the work relating to chemicals. The partnership with Sisource has made it easier for us to monitor all of our chemicals from an environmental perspective.

Sisource now provides all the information needed to manage everything we purchase in terms of cleaning products, lubricants, varnishes and glues, continues Carl-Gustaf Linde.

The partnership has been developed and improved through quarterly meetings. Before the partnership, Bombardier found that too much time was being spent on administration by the core business.

ā€œIt was becoming increasingly difficult to familiarise ourselves and comply with the laws and regulations relating to chemicals. Sisource ensures that we follow the requirements imposed by both the authorities and our customers regarding our chemicals management and actively contributes to our substitution initiatives by substituting environmentally hazardous with more environmentally friendly ones,ā€ says Carl-Gustaf Linde, adding: ā€œChemicals are a difficult product area. Considerable expertise is needed to choose the right chemical and the right supplier.ā€

Bombardier has benefited from Sisourceā€™s economies of scale as a result of the partnership, and has made substantial savings in its chemical management. It is also complying with its environmental requirements.