En integrerad partner inom kemikalier

Sisource är en partner som tar hand om allt inom kemikaliehantering så att företag kan ägna sig åt sin kärnverksamhet. Vi effektiviserar försörjningen av kemikalier, logistik, distribution, inköp, leverans, administration. Dessutom säkerställer vi arbetsmiljön och tillsammans med våra kunder ser vi till att alla legala aspekter uppfylls – samtidigt som vi sänker totalkostnaden.

Vi är inte bundna till några specifika varumärken utan arbetar brett på marknaden med ett stort antal tillverkare och underleverantörer. I vårt centrallager i Linköping lagerhålls de mest frekvent använda produkterna från en mängd olika leverantörer, och i vår kemikaliedatabas finns ytterligare tusentals produkter. Allt för att våra kunder ska få en stabil försörjning med god kontinuitet. Dessutom skapar våra kemiutbildade konsulter extra trygghet och kontinuitet i det dagliga arbetet med varuförsörjning och annat som rör kemikaliehanteringen.


An integrated partner for chemicals

As a partner, Sisource takes care of all chemical management processes so that companies can devote their time to their core business. We streamline the supply of chemicals, as well as logistics, distribution, procurement, delivery and administration. We also manage and preserve the working environment and, working together with our customers, ensure that all legal aspects are taken care of – all while decreasing overall costs.

We are not tied to any specific brands, instead working with a large number of manufacturers and sub-suppliers on broader terms on the market. We stock the most frequently used products from a number of different suppliers at our central warehouse in Linköping, Sweden, with thousands of products stored on our chemical database too. This gives our customers the reassurance of having a stable supply chain and flawless continuity in their processes. Our consultants, meanwhile, have undergone chemicals training, which provides a certain extra reassurance and continuity in day-to-day work on goods supply and other aspects affecting chemical management.

Certification provides reassurance

Sisource’s environmental work is based on the idea that the products that are supplied to customers should be as environmentally friendly as possible. Active substitution work is therefore a key environmental objective. We have the skills and expertise to support customers in environmental matters throughout the product life cycle, from manufacture and purchasing to waste management and recycling. Our management system has ISO 14001 certification. With our many years of experience, including in aerospace, we have a long tradition of working on customer processes that set very stringent requirements with regard to quality and carefully written documentation. Our management system is certified to ISO 9001 and AS9120. Operationally, Sisource prioritises the working environment ‘across the board’. Our proactive approach to working environment ensures the wellbeing of our employees, who in turn can be good at their jobs and considerate in their own approach. Our management system has ISO 45001 certification.

Quality, environment and working environment are all priority areas to us. Our management system has third-party certification, confirming our conformity with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. As a supplier of aerospace materials, we have also decided to obtain quality standard AS9120 certification. Our affiliation with the FTI, meanwhile, is assurance that we ‘go the extra mile’ with regard to packaging and take our responsibility as a producer seriously.

Authorities decisions

  • Authority Permission/Case
  • Emergency services in Sweden (Räddningstjänsten)
    • Handling of inflammable goods
  • The county administrative board
    • Conveyance of particularly hazardous chemical products
  • ECHA
    • Importing chemicals
  • Chemicals inspection
    • Company declaration and product declaration
  • The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten)
    • Declarations of sale, inbound delivery and import of industrial alcohol
  • The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)
    • Bonded warehouse – alcohol and energy products