Solution-oriented partnerships 

With Sisource as your business partner, you will have control over your chemical products and cut your overall costs.

We will safeguard your chemical handling, share our knowledge, help you save time and money and improve your environmental work. We do this through what is known as the Chemical Management System, for which Sisource is the leading provider in the Nordic countries.

Chemical Management Services comprises an entire chain of initiatives, and you are free to choose the areas that you would like help with. We will then tailor the solution that best meets your needs.



Are you dependent on chemicals in your daily production processes, does the law require you to replace a specific product, or perhaps you are embarking on a short-term project? Regardless of your needs for chemicals, you'll never need to purchase unnecessarily expensive chemicals in quantities that are too large for your needs. Sisource will supply the right product for the right application, and ensure that the quantity your order corresponds to the amount you actually use. All too often, people spend more than they need to on chemicals that will never be used and must later be processed as waste.


Thanks to our central warehouse facility, we handle bulk purchases and deal directly with manufacturers. This guarantees you security of supply and affordable products. We are vendor-independent, which enables us to choose the solution that is the best for our particular needs.

We make sure your orders are correct and reduce your purchase volumes, partly by customising packaging. This saves money and minimises unnecessary work associated with storage and waste management.


Sisource distributes and transports chemicals worldwide – by road, sea, air and even into space. We guarantee that our products will be transported and delivered with the correct labelling, regardless of the recipient country. We store your products and deliver them to you as required. Our central warehouse in Linköping contains thousands of products, and the co-packing of products is one of the factors that reduces costs. You can rely on our punctuality, and we know that in an emergency, things need to move quickly, and we can offer express deliveries.


Sisource combines the knowledge of environmental consultants and product specialists, and would be pleased to act as an advisor to ensure a good working environment. Our account manager chemists can help you with all kinds of chemical-related issues, and can make it easy for you to comply with the legal requirements made of your organisation.


We guarantee that the products we deliver are correctly labelled in accordance with current legislation, and we provide updated safety data sheets and safety sheets for our entire product catalogue. We would be pleased to assist with risk assessments for your organisation, including both processes and products, and will make sure you have the right safety information and protective equipment in place. We also arrange various types of chemical training and education.


We have no obligations with respect to specific chemical suppliers, and can therefore always impartially recommend the best products in substitution processes. These processes are very important, both financially and environmentally. We have the knowledge, and will be pleased to provide valuable benchmarking in order to replace product you require.


By using our web-based customer interface, you can track your orders from the point of ordering throughout the delivery, and you can analyse your own chemical usage and costs. All your purchases will be registered, giving you complete control over your chemical flow. This will also give you all the statistics you need for reporting to authorities. Our chemists would be pleased to assist you personally regarding supporting documentation, follow-up and reporting. The preparation of environmental reports is also made considerably easier thanks to our product categorisation.

The Environment

The introduction of more and more extensive legislation is steadily increasing the requirements applicable to chemicals management. We would be pleased to update your organisation regarding issues of relevance for your particular business, either via competitive intelligence or by participating in your chemical group. Our collective expertise will help you do the right thing and strengthen your company’s environmental initiatives.

Waste Management

We can address your waste management in a dialogue with you. Using us throughout your entire chemical chain will minimise the risk of obsolete materials. We can streamline and optimise your procurement and usage and therefore create the right conditions to significantly reduce your waste volumes.


Do you have the training you need to work with thermosetting resin? Do you know how to carry out and document risk assessments for the chemicals your company uses? Do you need to know more about CLP, REACH or other legislation? Or perhaps you need to increase your understanding of what certain chemicals actually are and about the consequences of not handling them correctly? We would be pleased to share our knowledge with you and arrange training adapted according to your requirements, so that you have the right conditions for safe and correct chemicals management.