We know chemicals

Having us as a business partner simplifies the demanding and sometimes complex process of chemical management. We know how chemicals should be purchased, stored, labelled, used, replaced, documented, delivered and disposed of. We make sure you receive the right product in the right packaging, delivered to the right place on time, and that you are always kept up to date on the ever-changing legislation in the field. 

Sisource are Sweden’s leading chemical specialists, with extensive expertise.

We know almost everything there is to know about chemicals. What we’d like to know now is how we can help you.
Our services

We supply the right chemicals, in the right packaging, on time, with the right labelling, and the right safety data sheets.


We operate using a central warehouse solution where we store bulk purchases and negotiate prices directly with manufacturers. Reduce the number of suppliers you use and cut your costs by collaborating with Sisource.


Businesses that are really environmentally friendly do not actually spend much time thinking about chemical management - they engage us!

Environmental commitment resulted in partnership

Environmental issues are always on the agenda for Bombardier, which depends on 500 chemicals for production and maintenance services for trains in Sweden. The company has a large environmental organisation with global guidelines, but when it comes to the day-to-day work involving issues relating to various chemicals, Sisource® is responsible for providing key expertise. The partnership with Sisource Chemical Management Services started back in 2006.

SAAB entrusted SISOURCE with responsibility for chemicals

Lower costs and better control, while at the same time reducing the number of suppliers from hundreds to one. This was the outcome when Saab Aeronautics allowed Sisource® Chemical Management Services to take overall responsibility for their chemical management.

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